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How to Drill Your Own Water Well



How to Drill Your Own Water Well




You can drill your own shallow water well for irrigation water and survival using PVC and water hoses. It is a cheap and effective way to dig your own shallow water well. Well drilling or well boring isn't just for the pros with huge commercial drilling rigs. Digging a water well yourself is both interesting and fun. Having your own water well can save you a lot of money.

The well drilling methods described here work well in digging/drilling through dirt, and clay, including really hard clay. They will not work if you need to drill through rock. If the area you live in is flat or relatively flat, it is definitely worth a try. It is very likely that you can drill your own well. Many successful wells have been drilled using this well drilling method. It is cheap. It works very well in sand and clay. 

Complete instructions: //

If you are looking for a deeper well that can be drilled 100-200' the site below is a great place that shows how to do it with videos and parts and plans to make your own homemade well which will give you a reliable source of water.


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